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Development history


In 1992 our company was founded and Professor Dong was rewarded the honor title of scientific and technological achievement certificate.
In 1993 Professor Dong won Jilin Provincial Scientific and Technological improvement 3rd prize by automatic analysis meter domestic kit research
In 1995 Professor Dong won Jilin Provincial scientific and technological achievement certificate by bilirubin bilirubin high speed testing kit and its lyophilization specimen preparation research.
In 1999 our ADH kit was rewarded of Jilin city scientific improvement 2nd prize.
In 2000 our company won Jilin city scientific improvement 3rd prize by hepatopathy early diagnosis kit. And we won Changchun city scientific improvement 1st prize by velocity method monoamine oxidase kit.
In 2001 our CAT and MAO diagnostic kit were rewarded of Jilin provincial scientific achievement prize.

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